Our Philosophy



 We Hold These Truths to be Universal:

1. There is one eternal and universal Divine Force comprised of the Universal Mind that is the source of all creativity, love, wisdom, intelligence, and light; and one Universal Law, through which all form is manifested and sustained;

2. This eternal Divine Force is everywhere; in, around and through all;

3. Everything is interconnected and interdependent. Separation is an illusion; we are one and everything exists in this Oneness;

4. We are each directly connected with the Divine Force in spirit and form through meditation, prayer, contemplation, thought, word, and deed. We are a unique blend of the realms of light and form, a soul having a human experience;

5. We are each a unique expression of the Divine Force and possess unique gifts with unlimited potential and power in the present, here and now..."I AM";

6. Being a unique blend of the realms of light and form; we are lesser than the Divine Force, equal to our fellow humans and greater than the remaining created order;

7. The Universe is eternally expanding and we are each continually co-creating as our expression of the Divine Force within;

8. The Universal Law manifests, in form, what we place into the Law by our words, thoughts, visualizations, prayers, and actions;

9. For us to build and maintain a truly balanced & creative life, it is important that we are each grounded in what we know to be True, pursue Wisdom and Understanding, and Practice that which is Good.

To achieve these goals, our philosophy  Our free webinar, New Way of Thinking more fully articulates our philosophy and our advanced classes, Balanced Living Workshopencourages each person to identify, develop and incorporate their own individual Core Values and Guiding Principles to assist each in this process.


Our Vision

Our vision is for each person to have a direct and unique connection with the Universal Force that binds us all together. That each will attain the joy, peace, and fulfillment that flow freely through embracing and practicing this New Thought Philosophy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help each person recognize and then manifest the unique and unlimited potential that exists within; to light the pathway of discovery through publishing, educating, training, coaching, and multi-media communications. It is our commitment to provide the basic content of this site together with key elements at no cost to all.


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  • Step #1 - A New Way of Thinking - (Introductory Class) Open or Close


    A New Way of Thinking

    This is where it all begins


    This simple philosophy will transform your life forever... Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he shares the beauty of a New Way of Thinking. 

    You are about to take Step #1 in understanding our New Thought philosophy and how to integrate it into your life.


        • A New Way of Thinking - Transforming your heart and mind.
        • A New Way of Viewing Everything
          • What About the Universe? - 9 Universal Truths.
          • What About Oneself? - Where & How do you fit?
          • What About Others? - How to view & relate to others?
          • What About Life? - How to view the dynamics of & relationships in life?
        • A New Way of Praying - Learn the fundamentals of Life-Affirming Prayer.
        • A New Way of Meditating - How to be still, listen & know the I AM.
        • A New Way of Giving & Receiving - Giving & Receiving with an Open Heart.
        • Welcome Your New Life - Celebrate and give thanks for your New Way of Thinking.


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    (This introductory Class is a prerequisite to our advanced classes and workshops) 


  • Step #2 - The Balanced Living Workshop Open or Close


    The Balanced Living Workshop

    (Building a solid foundation for Creative Living)


    Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he explores and guides you through the process of Balancing Your Life, Identifying your Core Values, and Embracing your Guiding Principles. 


        • The Balanced Living Workshop -
        • What, How & Why You Do What You Do -  
        • Setting your Life in Balance
          • The discovery of what is True -
          • The pursuit of Wisdom and Understanding -
          • The practice of that which is Good -
        • Living for a Higher Purpose -
          • Identifying Your Core Values -
          • Embracing Your Guiding Principles - 
        • Putting it all together -


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     (A New Way of Thinking is prerequisite)


  • Step #3 - The Essence of "I AM" Open or Close


     The Essence of "I AM"


     Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he explores and guides us into the vastness of infinity


        • Stepping into Infinity - Entering God's Country (the land with no boundaries).
        • This Moment Is Forever - We are standing in Eternity this very moment. 
        • The real essence of "I AM"? - Living in the presence of the Source of All That Is.
        • What About Yesterday? - Releasing your Yesterdays.
        • What About Today? - Engaging Today (the Present, the Here & Now).
        • What About Tomorrow? - Embracing yourTomorrows.
        • Living Your Life to Its Fullest - Living a life with NO Limitations.



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     (A New Way of Thinking is prerequisite)


  • Step #4 - Mastering the Creative Process Open or Close


     Mastering the Creative Process


    Join our publisher, Howard Voyles, as he provides an in-depth understanding of the steps that make up the Creative Process, how to master each step and integrated them into all aspects of your life. 


        • The Source of All Creativity - Identify and understand the Source of All Creativity
        • The Creative Mindset - How to acquire and develop a Creative Mindset
        • Conceptualize - How to effectively Conceptualize
        • Visualize - How to Transform Conceptualization into a Vision
        • StrategizeHow to Create and lay out Your Game Plan
        • Exercise - Now, it's time to get to Work and DO
        • Materialize - Experience the "magic" as your desires manifest and unfold into being



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    (A New Way of Thinking is prerequisite)


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NT 101 New Way

This simple philosophy is Step #1 in employing these great spiritual tools.

Embrace it and transform your life forever.                   

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